Bramley Cluster


Adult Learning and Courses




At Bramley Cluster we offer a wide range of Adult Learning and Parenting Courses.

We use a variety of ways to support you and your family, including 1-1 parenting courses, group work, zoom courses and self-led online sessions.

We hope we have something for everyone and please just get in touch with the Cluster if there is any way we can help.



Courses Delivered Through Bramley Cluster 



 Restorative Parenting



Triple P Positive Parenting Programme 



Henry Programmes



Communication Workshop

 My Teenager The Stranger 



Courses Delivered By Our Partners


Due to changes in services, the Cluster would like to support you and signpost you to other learning and training providers, which are all easy to access via your phone, tablet or computer.

There are courses to help your child’s development and courses for your personal development.

Most are free, some of the university courses may need an application for funding – which they can help with.





Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond - Support for Dads and Partners

Family Learning





Incredible Toddlers and Starting Solids