Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)


Social emotional mental health (SEMH) difficulties is an overarching term for those who demonstrate difficulties with emotional regulation, social interaction and/or experience mental health problems.


Social and emotional wellbeing creates the foundations for healthy behaviours and educational attainment. It  helps prevent behavioural problems and mental health problems.  

The purpose of this work is to promote:

  • emotional wellbeing – being happy and confident and not anxious or depressed
  • psychological wellbeing – the ability to be autonomous, problem-solve, manage emotions, experience empathy, be resilient and attentive
  • social wellbeing – having good relationships with others and no behavioural problems (i.e. not disruptive, violent or a bully).



Bramley Cluster has specialist practitioners to support children, young people and families to overcome these difficulties to enable them to  achieve a healthy emotional and mental well-being.

Referrals to these services can be made through the child/ young person's school. For more information, please contact the Cluster.


Counselling for Children/ Young People & Adults

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Art Therapy

Speech and Language Therapist

Educational Psychologist

Pregnancy in Mind