Pregnancy in Mind

Pregnancy in Mind is for new parents between 12 and 28 weeks gestation (the middle trimester of pregnancy). Parents can be referred at any point in their early pregnancy, but access to the group work will need to be in the middle trimester period. 

The programme is for those who are at risk of or already experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Parents do not have to have a formal diagnosis of anxiety or depression and this can be based on either parent-report or professional judgement. As we are keen to provide the service to those that are not yet experiencing symptoms but might be at increased risk, we are also interestsed in receiving referral for parents who:

  • have a previous history of anxiety or depression
  • have a family history of mental health problems
  • have a history of childhood adversity and poor parenting themselves
  • are socialy isolated or have no social support networks
  • have experienced recent adverse or stressful life events
  • are experiencing poor relationship quality or domestic violence
  • are under 20 years of age
  • are having an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy or
  • have drug or alcohol problems (misuse substances).


For more information or to make a self referral, please call 01274 381 440.