Speech & Language Therapist

The Leeds Children's Speech and Language Therapy service supports children and young people aged 0-19 years old who have speech, language and communication difficulties. 


The main focus of their work is to help youngsters develop the best possible communication skills they can in light of their difficulties. For some, this might be spoken communication but for others it might be learning to use communication aids or a signs / symbols / gestures approach.


Speech, language and communication needs might include problems with making speech sounds, understanding language, putting words together, voice (such as persistent hoarseness), stammering, feeding / swallowing, social communication skills or a mix of any of these. Sometimes these difficulties are alongside other problems such as learning difficulties but this is not always the case. Children might be born with these difficulties or acquire them as a result of illness or trauma.


The Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) will assess a child / young person’s communication skills before deciding how to support any difficulties and promote more effective communication. 


Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust provide additional Speech and Language support for Bramley Cluster .

If there is a child enrolled in a Bramley school who would benefit from additional support from a Speech and Language therapist, parent/ carers or practitioners working with the family need to contact the child's school.