The Team


 All practitioners working within partner agencies and settings, with children, young people and their families in Bramley are seen to be a part of the Bramley Cluster workforce.

 To complement the work that is undertaken by these partner agencies and settings, the Cluster also benefits from a core team of staff, the Cluster Team. This team is dedicated to working with partners to deliver services with families of children across the 0 to 19 age range living in and enrolled at schools in the Bramley Cluster area.


Cluster and Targeted Services Lead

The work of the Cluster is led by the Cluster and Targeted Service Lead. Working strategically, this role serves to support and challenge the partnership to work together in an integrated way to deliver the Leeds Children and Young People’s Plan at a local level through the development and delivery of high quality services. An integral part of this is ensuring that the needs of the most vulnerable families are met by receiving the right service at the right time and delivered by the right agency/setting. As leader of the Cluster Team, the Cluster and Targeted Service Lead is responsible for ensuring that the Cluster meets the expectations of a range of funders (including schools, NHS Leeds, and the Local Authority) that want to see activities and services making a difference to children, young people and their families.


Family Support Leader and the Family Support Team

The Family Support Leader has a remit to work across the partnership to support and challenge practice within agencies and settings to ensure the delivery of high quality family support. A central feature of this role is the leadership and management of the Cluster’s Family Support Team which is made-up of skilled and experienced practitioners who work with children and young people and their parents/carers in a wide variety of ways to suit the needs of each individual family. When working with individual families, early help assessments are undertaken to identify the strengths and needs of family members and the right activity to address these needs is planned and put in place. Empowering parents/carers to learn new skills through the delivery of a range of programmes either on a family basis or through a course is a key aspect of the work of this team. Groups for families of very young children, under 5 years, are delivered on a weekly basis as a part of the Cluster’s children centre family services for Hollybush and Bramley reach areas. This work is undertaken in partnership with the Health Visiting service as part of the Bramley Early Start team.


Targeted Services Officer

The Cluster benefits from a Targeted Service Officer whose role is to work with partners to ensure families access the right services to meet their needs. This includes making sure families benefit from a lead practitioner and that interventions are underpinned by restorative practice and a ‘think family work family’ approach is undertaken to capture the needs of all members of a household to improve outcomes. With in-depth experience and skills in working with families, the role also includes direct work with families that have a range of complex and multi-faceted issues.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Team

Promoting and working with families to improve their emotional health is an important aspect of work for the whole cluster team, however, there are times when it is necessary for specialist intervention with one of the cluster’s SEMH practitioners. This team has specialists from a range of disciplines including: counsellors to work with children, a child and family therapist to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy with children and their families, art therapists who use creative ways to work with individual children and, an Educational Psychologist to support a better understanding of the children’s behaviours in school to support them in their learning.


Business and Administration

The Cluster benefits from a Business Support Officer who leads the management of the cluster’s administrative team. This team is responsible for the effective and efficient operation of all aspects of the Cluster’s work. The Business Support Officer is also responsible for key areas of the cluster’s work including communication strategy, the volunteer programme and an increase in the uptake of free early education for eligible two year olds. Ensuring that all the work of the Cluster is underpinned by high quality information governance and data analysis to comply with commissioners and the expectation of partner agencies.