Way of Working


The work the Cluster undertakes to improve outcomes for children and young people is underpinned by three behaviours set out in the Leeds Children and Young People’s Plan which Bramley Cluster implements at a local level.

These put the child and family at the centre of everything the Cluster does. The behaviours are:

Use of Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) which provides a clear planning and reviewing framework. OBA keeps a relentless focus on outcomes through three questions - how much did we do, how well did we do it, and is anyone better off?

Restorative practice puts the emphasis on working with children and families, rather than doing things to or for them. By providing high support and high challenge we help children and families find their own sustainable solutions to the challenges they face, and we equip them with the resilience to move forward successfully.

Listening to and responding to the voice of the child. We view the child as the client in all our work, practice and behaviour. We put the child and family at the centre of everything we do. We seek to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.